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Fulton Road Bridge Replacement


Cleveland, OH


Project Owner:
The Ohio Department of Transportation


Bid Amount:


Fulton Road Bridge Replacement

This $45,859,138.00 project required the replacement of the six-span, open-spandrel, arch bridge which overlooks the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and spans a historic bridge, two railroad tracks, and several maintenance roads and foot paths. The presence of rail tracks, roads, paths, and in particular, the maintenance of the historic bridge, made site navigation, set-up and construction a real challenge.

In an effort to, “Do what it takes to do the job,” Kokosing purchased a 300-ton Liebherr crane specifically to handle the challenges. The new structure is an 11-span, pre-cast, open-spandrel, arch bridge. Nearly 1,800 cubic yards of self-leveling mass concrete are contained in the bridge piers. These seven piers were post-tensioned to support the pre-cast arches, which were erected in segments on shoring towers and then post-tensioned as well. Following the erection of the arches, the spandrel columns and caps were poured. Pre-cast concrete beams were also erected to support the bridge deck.

Additionally, all approach work, including storm sewer, water line, MSE wall, pre-cast lagging retaining wall and concrete pavement construction was self-performed by Kokosing.