News Releases

News Releases

Building H.O.P.E. - Kokosing Building Orphanage in Haiti

Kokosing raising $500,000 for Building H.O.P.E. Contribution updates, progress pictures... 



Plans for the New H.O.P.E. Orphanage

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     Greg and Cathie Benson from Fredericktown, Ohio, and Tim and Toby Banks from Lexington, Ohio, serve God in Haiti through Christian Services International. Greg and Cathie are the Haiti Field Directors and Tim and Toby run H.O.P.E. Orphanage. H.O.P.E. presently has 20 young girls between the ages of 3 and 10 years. Toby and Tim are the legal guardians of each orphan that they take care of and none of these orphans have parents. These girls are being educated to stay in Haiti and help their country be a better place to live. They are not being held for adoption in the U.S. Many of the facilities to support their missions in Haiti were damaged in the earthquake including the orphanage. A need was identified to build a new orphanage. Greg Benson and Brian Burgett, CEO of The Kokosing Group of Fredericktown, Ohio, began an email correspondence about Kokosing’s involvement in the construction efforts. Greg and Brian grew up only a few miles apart and now God was placing them in each other’s lives. Additionally, The Kokosing Group has been a supporter of the orphanage and Brian’s daughter is a close friend of Tim and Toby Banks and served on a mission trip during the original orphanage construction.
     As the potential project developed, a need was identified for some engineering support to design a new orphanage. The Kokosing Group considered sending a structural engineer who had recently retired from The Kokosing Group to assess the conditions in Haiti and the previous construction methods. It turned out that an engineer from Galion, Ohio, had already been to Haiti and performed an assessment. He had a previous working relationship with The Kokosing Group and had worked on Kokosing projects in the past. It’s amazing how God placed all of these relationships together and placed everyone in close proximity. Within weeks of the disaster, a team was already in place working on designing a new orphanage, setting a construction schedule, organizing volunteer construction workers and fundraising. 
We need your help!
Would you like to contribute to God’s work in Haiti? The Kokosing Group is matching up to $250,000 in gifts towards the construction of the new H.O.P.E. orphanage.

You can donate in the following ways*:

1) Send a check to made payable to CSI Ministries to:
          Kokosing Construction Company, Inc.   Attn: Brooke Hoeflich
          P.O. Box 226
          Fredericktown, OH 43019
(Please designate BUILDING H.O.P.E. in the memo line in order to get your donation matched by The Kokosing Group!)

2) Go online to and follow the link "Donate Securely" on the left. (Make sure you designate it as part of BUILDING H.O.P.E. in order to get your donation matched by The Kokosing Group!)

3) Send a check made payable to CSI Ministries to:
          CSI Ministries Headquarters
          1714 W. Royale Drive
          Muncie, IN 47304
(Please designate BUILDING H.O.P.E. in the memo line in order to get your donation matched by The Kokosing Group!)

* Contributions to CSI are tax-exempt from federal income tax.

     Please pass this information along to your friends, family, other churches and businesses!
     For information about the BUILDING H.O.P.E. Project, including an up-to-date total of how much has been raised and construction progress, visit and follow the link. If you have questions please contact Matt Wushinske or Lori Gillett or 740-694-6315.

Thank you,
The Burgett Family  & 


Construction Update

- by Brian Burgett

2/21/11  The downstairs stucco work is finished inside and out with a majority of the painting done.  The windows in the school area are all installed along with the steel bars. All of the steel bars for the downstairs windows are welded and only a few still need painted before installing. The tile work on the downstairs has begun and the floors are mostly done, with the exception of the baseboard area in places where they need to use less than full length pieces.  They should be doing the grout this week.  They have started this morning on installing the tile in the downstairs bathroom walls. All the stairs are in and they are finishing the roof on the penthouse stairs this week. Two electricians came down from the states. One from Marion, OH and one from Indiana, along with two other American men and one Haitian man. They were able to pull all the wire and install all the main boxes. So, the electric is all done with the exceptions of putting on the fixtures. The cabinets for the downstairs kitchen are installed.  The serving area and upstairs kitchen cabinets are built, stained, and varnished. Waiting on the flooring to install the serving area. The upstairs apartment stucco is coming along nicely with about 40% done (still needs sanded before painting) and about half of the outside upstairs stucco is done. Once the scaffolding for the upstairs work can be moved, the septic system will go in.

Thank you to all who have contributed!




March 22nd - Surveying the grounds.


March 23rd - Excavating footers.


March 25th - Pouring a concrete floor in the church.


March 26th - The new occupants are checking out thier future home.


 March 26th - Pouring the first concrete footer.

 One of the rebar crews.

 Placing the rebar.

April 2nd - Pouring grade beams.

 April 10th - Progress photo.

John Kelly placing rebar column cage.


Give her 20 years and she will be a project engineer.

There's always time for a piggyback ride.

Tom Tenney installed safety railings on these stairs.


April 13th - Plumbing.

April 13th - Overall progess.



The building is laid out into18 x 18 cells.

Three cells were poured one day and three cells were poured the next day in what will be the classroom and storage areas.

Three more sections were poured on the third day. By the fourth day, the main living and dining areas were poured.

7/12/10 - The plumbining and electric are in good shape.


7-12-10 - Rebar at column lines running east/west, should be completed by 7-13-10.


7-12-10 - Shoring has been redone with 80 posts still needing placed both under 2nd floor and around exterior.

7-12-10 - Second floor almost ready for the concrete to be poured.





The roof was poured with over 100 workers helping. The concrete was mixed by hand, filled in buckets, and passed up and down the ladder to get the roof poured. 



Backside of the new building. 






The downstairs stucco work is finished both inside and out. 




This is the living room where the girls will gather as a family to play, read, relax and visit. 



A shade structure is built for the school area, allowing a play area and potential outreach area. 


Thank you!!!_________________________