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Durocher Marine, a division of Kokosing, formally known as Durocher Dock and Dredge, specializes in the construction of anything on above or below water. Whether the project owner wants to build a commercial dock or pier, breakwater or sea defense wall; install an in-take or outfall pipeline or submarine power cable; or perform power driving, we’ll go to great depths – even up to 250 feet below water – for you.

Based in Northern Michigan, in Cheboygan, where Durocher Marine performed some of its first work near the Mackinac Bridge in the 1950s, our equipment and crews can be found doing work throughout the Great Lake States and from Long Island Sound, New York, to Florida, the Bahamas and Hawaii.

Being known as “the Marine Contractor of the Midwest” for our large pipeline work – which ranges from 36-inch to 108-inch diameter pipe, our Marine Division features both a specialized staff and equipment. Our 50 specialists range from engineering and project management, to crane operators, deckhands, divers, pile drivers and tugboat captains. As well as being trained in safety procedures, our crews are equipped with all the tools and knowledge needed to perform a successful job, including GPS-enhanced equipment, underwater remote operative vehicles (ROVs) and our techniques for underwater pipe joints.