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 Welcome to Kokosing Construction Company

Thank you for visiting our website. As demonstrated by our home page, we are focused on safety, our people, our clients and our capabilities.


Safety First - Kokosing is focused on the safety of our workforce. This is demonstrated in everything we do, from the start of the day on the job with our Morning Action Plan (MAP) and crew stretching, to providing high quality safety education and total management support. Our culture is defined by our people taking personal responsibility for their safety and the safety of their co-workers.


The foundation of our success has been built by the integrity, dedication and talents of our people. This team has provided Kokosing the opportunity to grow into one of the largest, most diversified, self-performing general contractors in the Midwest. With a commitment to “do the right thing” and a passion for building, our team has earned the reputation as leaders in the construction industry.    


Since 1951 our business has remained focused on meeting the needs of our clients by building quality into every project.  Whether we are building a multi-million-dollar industrial facility, a highway bridge structure, or placing armor stone underwater for a break wall, Kokosing is dedicated to providing its clients with superior results. When a client chooses Kokosing to build their project, they have partnered with a team of talented construction professionals that have the resources and knowledge required to build a quality project – safely, productively and on time.

Capabilities / Resources

We self-perform more than eighty percent of our work and own a fleet of more than 450 pieces of major construction equipment. Our hands-on experience and equipment enables the project team to have the right people and equipment on the job when it is needed. This flexibility maximizes our productivity and allows us to complete the job on time. No matter if the project is underground, underwater, on grade or in the air Kokosing has the capabilities and equipment to build it.      

If you are a potential client in search of a general contractor, or an individual working to find a career opportunity in construction, we encourage you to take this opportunity to explore our website and learn more about our organization.