Landfill Expansion

Meeting the needs of the Owner.


The $3.85 million project involved the construction of new cells at an existing construction and demolition landfill.  The main feature of building the new cells involved self-performing excavation and compaction of 650,000 cubic yards worth of onsite materials.  Additional critical self-performed activities on this project included placing of 11,000 cubic yards of recycled aggregate leachate drainage material within the cells, constructing a retention pond, installing 2,000 linear feet of 72-inch diameter storm sewer outflow lines with precast drainage structures, constructing a cast-in-place concrete drainage control structure at the pond, and installing 600 feet of leachate collection system line from the cell.

The project was completed within a four month time frame, which included working in conjunction with the Owner’s daily landfill activities and being limited by the municipality to performing work during only daylight hours.


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