I-275 Hamilton County

Expansion of I-275 to benefit everyone in Cincinnati.


Kokosing completed this high profile $142 million project for ODOT, which involved the reconstruction and widening of 7 miles of I-275 on the north side of Cincinnati and increasing the capacity of I-275 by adding a fourth lane in each direction.  Reconstruction included 26 bridges, 550,000 tons of asphalt, 30,000 linear feet of storm sewers, 43,000 linear feet of new concrete barrier, and 320,000 square feet of noisewall structures.

The project was built in four phases with a fifth phase reserved for placing the final lift of asphalt and final striping.  This meant that Kokosing had to route 150,000 vehicles per day around and through our zones.  This was accomplished safely with the help of placing almost 340,000 linear feet of temporary portable concrete barrier.

Once the $7.1 million noisewall portion of the project was completed, Kokosing crews and equipment drilled 6,900 linear feet of shafts and installed 780 foundations, providing improved conditions to more than 3.4 miles of residential areas.


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