SR 7 Slide Remediation

Moving mountains in the name of safety.


Located in Jefferson County, Ohio, the SR 7 hillside was deemed structurally unstable by professional engineers. Repairing the steep slope involved 1.1-million-cubic-yards of excavation, 980,000-cubic-yards of rock blasting, and 74,000-square-yards of pre-splitting. The top of the site was over 280-feet above the highway, and Kokosing equipment performed the mass excavation from the top-down.

The material found in the hillside was generally sandstone or shale, which must be blasted before it can be excavated and hauled to the waste site. This operation inevitably sent material tumbling down the slope toward a catch area adjacent to the highway. Each blasting operation required stopping traffic and a detailed procedure to ensure explosives were detonated and all loose material was stable. As an additional precaution, Kokosing installed a 10-foot-wide by 12-foot-tall rock catchment wall at the bottom of the slope.


SR Vignette

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