Our Culture


Kokosing was founded in 1951 by a man with a passion for family. Kokosing was a demonstration of Bill Burgett’s commitment to provide and secure his family’s future. Today, that same passion shapes our company culture — each team member is a valued member of the Kokosing family. 

Safety is paramount. We want every team member to go home safely to their families each night and return to work healthy the next day. Our “Lead with Safety 24/7” culture radiates into our top-tier safety education programs, proven and effective safety processes, and cross-level safety teams that ensure healthy checks and balances.

We invest in our team members, their families, and the communities where we live and work. Together, our team creates equitable, sustainable solutions to the most challenging of projects and always remains true to our eight Core Values: Safety First, Customer Focused, Have Concern for the Well-Being of Every Team Member, Continuously Improve and Take On New Challenges, Operate with Honesty and Integrity, Shirt-Sleeve Manage, Be a Good Member of the Community and Financially Strong.