Our Culture Environmental and Social Governance


One aspect of our work that is so vital to our success is preparing for tomorrow. We anticipate changes and challenges that may arise and do our best to mitigate any negative impacts. We strive to apply the same principle to both our environment and our social interactions. It is our duty to make responsible decisions so that our world is better tomorrow than it is today.


Kokosing is dedicated to environmental leadership through our team members, our customers, and our actions.  We are committed to reducing the environmental impact on the communities where we operate. As part of our comprehensive approach, we:

Invest in Continuous Improvement

Kokosing actively develops and educates our team members in renewable technologies and best management practices. We provide team members with opportunities for research and development, as well as continued education on new environmental products and certifications. 

We continuously monitor technological advancements to increase our efficiency, reduce our waste, implement green technologies, and protect the natural environment. While these efforts span across every aspect of our business, one major focus area is continuously updating our equipment fleet to improve energy conservation and environmental quality. Our operators are vital participants in environmental stewardship; both in continuous improvement efforts as well as dedicated practical implementation.

In the dynamic world of renewable energy, Kokosing offers turnkey solutions for commercial, industrial, and municipal owners, including alternative delivery capabilities.   

Partner with Customers to Support Environmental Goals

Kokosing comes alongside our customers to take a vested interest in specific environmental goals. We work with our customers to utilize sustainable principles and building materials. As a well-rounded contractor, our robust experience allows our teams to suggest alternatives to an owner that may reduce the need for equipment hours, improve traffic flow or reduce congestion, or suggest a better product for longer life. Kokosing has built and continues to pursue LEED and Green Build Projects.

Promote a Global Sustainable Legacy

Kokosing strongly believes when we make choices, they are not just about today, not just about us or our clients; the choices we make will leave a legacy for those who follow us and create new footprints on this earth.

Kokosing is committed to taking long-term measures to operate in such a way that promotes a legacy of sustainability. As part of this commitment, we prioritize resource management to drastically affect the environmental life cycle of our projects and materials, such as Recycled Asphalt Pavements (RAP) and recycled concrete aggregates to conserve natural resources. Kokosing produces our own natural aggregates as well as other material manufacturing. Our processes are constantly evaluated for possible improvements, such as variable speed drives, emission reduction equipment, emission testing, process improvements, waste streams from our work through reusing or recycling items such as steel, construction lumber, water, and used oil.


Kokosing values and respects the unique background, experience, and perspective of each and every team member. As part of our Core Values, our goal is that each team member is heard, valued, and supported in their uniqueness and as an integral part of our team. As part of our comprehensive approach, we:

Take Pride in Our Diverse Workforce

Kokosing celebrates that we are smarter and more effective together than as a group of individuals. This philosophy describes who we are and that our culture offers team members the opportunity to contribute their personal expertise for their own professional development and for the betterment of the group. To develop our diversity further, Kokosing:

  • Collaborates with diverse organizations, high schools, career centers, and universities to source diverse talent
  • Provides career development programs and internal mobility opportunities
  • Serves on and supports advisory boards that focus on STEM and internship opportunities
  • Provides work/life balance to accommodate team members’ varying needs
  • Maintains Affirmative Action Programs

Maintain an Inclusive Culture

Team members thrive when inclusion is a deliberate effort on a corporate level, but also on an individual level. Inclusion at Kokosing means that we strive to create and maintain an environment in which every team member has a voice, and knows that the sharing of ideas and perspectives is welcome from all team members.

Inclusion also involves an environment in which team members can be their authentic selves. Our Operate With Leadership sessions focus on how building trust, through character, competence and connection, within your team helps achieve results. An engaged team is empowered to fully commit to and actively contribute to the team’s goals.

To promote inclusion and maximize organizational and individual potential, Kokosing:

  • Provides diversity and inclusion skill building and training
  • Celebrates cultural heritage events recognizing our rich diversity
  • Offers multiple career development, coaching resources, and tools
  • Leverages multiple feedback channels for team member ideas
  • Conducts team member engagement surveys
  • Utilizes Diversity Business Groups to assist in creating an inclusive environment and turning diversity into measurable value
  • Participates in national and regional conferences, seminars, and roundtables to ensure best-in-class ideas are integrated into our program
  • Encourages volunteering by giving a helping hand in the communities where we live and work
  • Equal Pay – practices equitable pay

Support Continuous Education

Kokosing provides team members with traditional continuous education opportunities through multiple channels, from structured classes to guest speakers and panel discussions organized by a variety of diversity and inclusion groups. External continuous education opportunities exist through participation in conferences and community partnerships. Involvement with others outside of our organization reinforces inclusive thinking and awareness of current best practices.

We are also committed to practical education and involvement opportunities via connection to communities beyond our operations. Our community collaborations are vital to demonstrate our commitment to diversity while helping us understand and respond to diverse community needs. In addition to corporate-level involvement, our team members are encouraged to be involved in the communities in which we work including giving back in ways that provide essential services for families in need, help school children succeed, serve military and veterans groups, and other community involvement opportunities.