Marine Equipment Leasing


Kokosing owns and operates the largest and newest fleet of equipment on the Great Lakes. Our fleet is ready to fulfill your marine equipment needs on a bare charter or manned basis. All of our barges are ABS certified and our tugs are USCG approved. Our equipment is regularly maintained to be available at any time. We can also supply cranes, excavators, winches, anchors, buckets and mats to meet your construction needs. Our fleet consists of the following pieces of marine equipment:

  • Deck Barges: Capacity of hauling up to 2,200 tons per barge
  • Anchor Barges: We have experience mooring in a 6 point spread and up to 400 feet of water
  • Spud Barges: Capable of mooring in 60 feet of water
  • Heavy Lift Barges: Capable of supporting a 300-ton crane
  • Hopper Barges: Capacity of 1,500 cubic yards
  • Portable Barges: Shugart and Flexifloat barges
  • Tug Boats: Our largest boat has 1,600 horsepower
  • Crew Boats: Our twin screw 40-foot crew boat can haul up 15 passengers
  • Portable Work Boats: Truckable twin screw boats with 400-600 HP
  • Work Floats

To complement our extensive marine fleet we own and operate a number of cranes and excavators. Our largest cranes are 230-ton duty cycle cranes. These are regularly deployed with our larger Spud Barges, which are 56 feet wide by 180 feet long and 12 feet deep. Our largest excavator weighs 250,000 lbs. and can reach to 60 feet of water. Our barges can be set up with winches capable of mooring in 400 feet of water. Our fleet is also supported with a large array of other marine construction tools and equipment like clamshell buckets, winches, anchors, welding machines, generators, conex office boxes and much more.

For rental information, contact Kathy Loznak, 231.627.5633,