POWER & ENERGY Renewable Generation

Kokosing supports our customers’ investments in infrastructure to take advantage of the market shift towards renewable energy sources. Our work includes facilities and transmission systems for solar, hydroelectric, on-shore & off-shore wind, geothermal and other renewable generation projects, including energy storage. Our scope ranges from utility-scale projects that serve communities, to commercial, industrial, and municipal projects that serve dedicated facilities. We know that every application is a unique situation, requiring a trusted partner to help achieve the highest value at the lowest cost.

Third Sun Kokosing Solar is the Kokosing team providing turnkey solutions for behind-the-meter solar projects – including for the residential market.  Adding solar power to your home or business is filled with important nuances during the analysis, design, and construction phases, and you can trust Third Sun Kokosing Solar to simplify the process while maintaining the quality you expect from one of the region’s most reputable companies.  Our approach improves long-term value, makes it easy for you to take advantage of tax incentives, and puts you in control of your electricity costs. We take your project from conception to operation, and can offer financing assistance to help realize your goals faster.

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