POWER & ENERGY Renewable Generation

Kokosing supports our customers’ investments in infrastructure to take advantage of the market shift towards renewable energy sources. Our work includes facilities and transmission systems for solar, hydroelectric, on-shore & off-shore wind, geothermal and other renewable generation projects, including energy storage. Our scope ranges from utility-scale projects that serve communities, to commercial, industrial, and municipal projects that serve dedicated facilities. We know that every application is a unique situation, requiring a trusted partner to help achieve the highest value at the lowest cost.

Third Sun Kokosing Solar delivers turnkey solar solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal owners. Our employees design, permit, build, and commission your solar power project. We also offer Financing solutions and O&M services, simplifying the path to achieving your goals. Our solutions are backed by 20+ years of solar experience and over 1,000 solar projects.  Our expert team’s ability to self-perform throughout the project provides us precise control of safety, quality, schedule, and costs.  This allows Third Sun Kokosing Solar to deliver the best project based upon your needs and a superior customer experience.  Our comprehensive approach enables you to save money and hedge electric rate inflation, differentiate your home or business, and make a positive environmental impact.

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