Power & Energy Water Resources

The market is constantly seeking more efficient ways to distribute water to and from the production well pads. Therefore, we ensure that our crews are trained, qualified, and equipped to install various water pipeline products. We have completed many complex HDPE waterline projects ranging from 6 inches to 24 inches and over 40 miles of 6.5-inch Fiberspar pipe. Our crews are trained experts who are operator qualified to use fusion equipment for all phases of HDPE and composite pipes.

For clients interested in installing steel waterlines capable of higher pressures, our crews are highly skilled at installing internally-coated pipe and the use of internal chill ring inserts.

Our capabilities are not limited to the construction of only water distribution lines. In many situations, our clients need the construction of intake structures and booster pump stations. The breadth of our capabilities provides our clients with turn-key projects that include initial design collaboration and construction of all phases from the water source to the end-user.