Heavy Industrial Collaborative Delivery

Kokosing’s experience with collaborative delivery ranges from Fixed Price Design-Build (FPDB), to Progressive Design-Build (PDB) to Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMAR), as well as Guaranteed Savings Contracting. Project experience with these delivery methods follow.

Public DB laws vary by state and include variations such as FPDB, which establishes a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) with the design-build team’s proposal submittal; PDB and CMAR, which sets a Guaranteed Maximum Price at a design point such as 60%, and GSC, which focuses on lowering the cost of operation of a facility or system.

Regardless of collaborative delivery method, our pricing is based on current market conditions and state-of-the-industry knowledge of changes on the horizon. We treat subcontractors as professionals, holding them to high standards for safety and quality while delivering on our commitments for schedule and payment.

  • The biggest advantage of FPDB delivery is it is a single procurement phase that utilizes a qualifications-based selection process for the design-builder and design team, with a GMP submitted during proposal stage. Once underway, the project moves seamlessly from design through procurement and into construction.
  • The PDB process, similar to FPDB, also establishes a design-builder-led team. With iterative pricing exercises at various stages of design completion, the cost certainty of a GMP is established later in the design process than FPDB.
  • When we step into the role of construction manager on a CMAR delivery, we bring with us all the knowledge, experience, and resources of a major contractor who has delivered projects just like yours. In either the PDB or CMAR delivery scenario, where allowed, we look to self-perform the highest risk elements of a project, maintaining direct control over scope, schedule, and budget.
  • The GSC delivery method is a qualifications and technical approach during a single proposal stage. The owner-engineer-contractor team collaboratively operates as an informed team to construct improvements that ultimately will result in either energy savings, reduction in operating costs or maintenance costs and/or future costs.

Collaborative Delivery Projects