Wastewater Wet Stream Treatment and Process Technologies

Innovation moves at the speed of technology. Continuous improvements in energy efficiency, process theory, system performance, and communications means an opportunity is nearly constantly knocking on your door. And with increasing emphasis placed on nutrient loading in our country’s collective treated wastewater effluent, Kokosing understands owners are required to meet new, lower NPDES nutrient limits.

For example, implementing biological nutrient removal (BNR) systems can significantly reduce reliance on never-ending chemical addition to the wastewater process. However, this can mean more cost is dedicated to sophisticated technologies, while available project budgets are not necessarily increasing in-kind. Kokosing is the contractor to trust with implementing technology and process upgrades within an active treatment plant, as well as being owner’s partner for balancing pricing and budgetary concerns while meeting new NPDES permit requirements.

Wet Stream Treatment and Process Technologies Projects