The Olen Corporation and Area Aggregates offer a variety of specialty products, some of which include:

  • Agriculture Lime – used to balance pH and acidity in soils, which promotes higher nutrient absorption, leading to more efficient crop growth and higher yields. Available at our Woodville, Collinwood, Columbus Limestone, and Wooster Plants.
    • Olen is a participating member of the Ohio Aglime Council. For more information, including specific technical data, please see: OAIMA | Ohio Aglime Council
  • Filter Sand – sand for water and wastewater system filtration. Available at our Woodville, Wooster and St. Louisville Plants.
  • Golf Course Mason Sand – mason sand for turf mix, golf course tees and greens, and other related applications. Available at our St. Louisville Plant.
  • Round Gravel Roofing Ballast – 1.5’’ round gravel for loose-laid ballasted roof structures. Available at our Columbus Gravel Plant.
  • Decorative Cobbles – gravel-based mulch alternative and landscaping/drainage around structures. Available at our Columbus Gravel, Wooster, St. Louisville and Fredericktown Plants.
  • Rip Rap – used to protect shoreline structures, bridge abutments, streambeds, and foundational infrastructure supports against erosion. Available at our Woodville, Collinwood and Columbus Limestone Plants.
  • Armor Stone – used in retaining walls, slope buttressing, and shoreline erosion protection. Available at our Woodville and Collinwood Plants.