Oil & Natural Gas 30-Inch Steel Natural Gas Line

We understand that as our customers look for ways to transport greater volumes at higher pressures, our company must be able to construct systems with larger pipe diameters and greater wall thickness. Over the past few years, IKPS has worked hard to equip our team members with the experience and tools necessary to work on pipes up to 36 inches in diameter and up to 1-inch wall thickness.

IKPS completed a project located in West Virginia that consisted of 4 miles of newly-constructed, 30-inch steel pipe. The purpose was to relocate an existing line located in a High Consequence Area (HCA). The biggest challenge of the project, other than the difficult terrain and natural obstructions, was the coordination of three conventional bores, one of which, was a 290-lineal-foot bore under an existing cemetery. From the start of the project, it was understood that completing the project within the short timeframe was critical; the customer’s reputation and millions of dollars of lost production was at risk. Project success can easily be attributed to the quality crews and their leadership along with the strong relationship with the customer’s dedicated project team.

  • Location:
    West Virginia