Marine Ashtabula


Shut down in 1998, Ashtabula First Energy Plant C on the shores of Lake Erie became a revenue source for Ashtabula County by utilizing existing intakes to supply raw water to several industries.  When the neighboring Plant A was shut down in 2015, one local industry needed an alternative for discharge of their effluent.  Durocher Marine was tasked with converting one of the Plant C intakes into an outfall and extending it another 1300 feet out into the lake.  


Sharing a common wet well in the deepest and wettest part of the old coal fired power plant, the submerged dual 108” diameter intakes extended 4000 feet out into Lake Erie underneath the lake bed. The first task proved to be the most daunting, removing the accumulated sediment from the intake tunnels.  A custom designed underwater robotic dredging machine was deployed in the tunnel, pumping the sediment back up to the surface into a geo-tube dewatering system. While the machine made its way out into the tunnel, the Durocher Marine crews and divers were at the intake crib in 35 feet of water installing a steel and concrete bulkhead in preparation to attach 1300 feet of 36” HDPE pipe extending the intake. The HDPE pipe was assembled on land in a single piece, launched into the water and towed into position until it was filled with water and set on the bottom with divers waiting to mate up the flanges. Durocher Marine developed a design to eliminate costly drilled pile anchors for the pipeline using large precast concrete blocks saving the owner several hundred thousand dollars.


The raw water intake and new outfall at Plant C services local industries that employ around 1500 people. With the shuttering of the power plants, the area could not afford to lose any more industry.  The repurposing of the old intake presented an economical and environmentally positive solution to the problem benefitting both Ashtabula County and local industry.  


The upgraded intake/outfall system with increased capacity due to the tunnel cleaning has opened the door for expansion and new opportunities for industry the area.  Plans are underway to add more pumping capacity and increase the output to industry.  A majority of the dilapidated Plant C was demolished with visions of future development on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie.

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