Sitework Brooklyn North Landfill

The overall project consisted of excavating, grading, loading, transporting on site and placing materials to create Phase 4 Cell of the Brooklyn North Landfill. Earthmoving was accomplished using a Komatsu PC 490 excavator, a D6 bulldozer equipped with grade controls and three off-road end dump trucks. A roller was utilized to compact the newly completed landfill subgrade surface. The excavated material was loaded, hauled along the northern access road and placed in the onsite storage location designated by the owner. The dump site was supported by a secondary bulldozer to spread the excavated earth, constructing a uniform mound for the owner’s future use.

Kokosing worked closely with the Ohio EPA through the entirety of this project to comply with all of the Construction and Demolition Debris (C&DD) regulations. This included tolerance of 0.0 to +0.2 feet of the design grades and areas of excavation maintaining a maximum slope of 1.5:1 (horizontal to vertical).

  • Project Owner:
    Private Client
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  • Location:
    Toledo, Ohio