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Durocher Marine has finished installing 700 feet of new steel sheet pile Dockwall, which supports a rail line for liquid cargo adjacent to the Indiana Harbor Canal Waterway.  


Due to recent site improvements at the liquid cargo facility, and the US Army Corps of Engineers proposed deepening of the Indiana Harbor Canal, Kokosing was chosen to replace the old Dockwall with a new steel sheet pile wall with sufficient structural capacity to withstand these changes.  The project was bid as a fixed price contract.  Due to underwater constructability issues and environmental concerns our team proposed a voluntary alternate design to eliminate these issues and concerns.  This allowed for a safer work environment, and shortened the construction schedule.  Our batter pile alternate to the drilled anchor design saved the owner over $ 3.1 Million dollars.

Our redesign allowed the new wall to be built over the existing wall and around existing underground gas, water, and electric utilities on the active site.  The result is a sheet pile wall supported by 108 batter piles driven on a 63° angle.  Each batter pile was over 100’ in length.  Each batter pile was welded to a horizontal beam that attached to the back of the new sheeting. The batter pile, beam, & sheet pile connections were tied together with a new structural concrete walkway along the top of the new Dockwall.


The owner was under a time constraint to finish this work before the Corps of Engineers deepened the shipping channel adjacent to this dock.  By upgrading ahead of schedule, the owner has continued moving liquid products and cargo through this terminal without delays or shutdowns. The new dock provides a safer asset for the company, the surrounding community, and the environment for years to come.


As a result of Kokosing’s performance and voluntary alternate savings, this owner has awarded several additional projects to Kokosing’s family of companies including Kokosing Industrial and Kokosing Integrity Pipeline Services.

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