Transportation Cannon Drive

Kokosing performed a preconstruction constructability review of the Cannon Drive Phase 1 project which relocates Cannon Drive from King Avenue to John Herrick Drive. This substantial project made way for the future expansion of the Wexner Medical Center and provided significant upgrades to the flood protection system along the Olentangy River. During the course of this preconstruction contract, Kokosing coordinated with EMH&T and Ohio State to provide significant maintenance of traffic and scheduling improvements to the overall contract.
This lump sum contract included the construction of 14,000-linear-feet of underground utilities, 184,000-cubic-yards of embankment, 18,000-cubic-yards of clay-core levee, a new pump station and 920-cubic-yards of cast-in-place retaining walls. The construction team was challenged by significant changes made in the design of the project after the bid. Over 60% of the plan pages had been revised and Kokosing worked hand-in-hand with the owner and design team through these changes to keep the project on schedule.

Maintenance of pedestrian and vehicular traffic was critical to the project, as well as coordination with multiple campus and local stakeholders. There were zero accidents on the project, which is attributed to our careful preplanning and detailed safety procedures.
A major challenge on the project was embankment and levee material import. With nearly 200,000-cubic-yards of material required and stringent specifications for the levee core, Kokosing went to great lengths to find suitable material for the project. This included on-site stockpiling of materials and direct import from Kokosing’s other local projects.

Throughout the project, Kokosing worked closely with Ohio State to continue to reduce the number of construction phases and accelerate the schedule. The project opened the new Cannon Drive in its final alignment from King Avenue to John Herrick Drive in the fall of 2018, approximately nine months ahead of the original August 2019 completion date.

  • Project Name:
    Cannon Drive Relocation – Phase 1
  • Project Owner:
    The Ohio State University
  • Project Value:
  • Delivery Method:
  • Buried Utilities