Transportation CORRIDOR H – US 48


US 48, the first of three Corridor H projects paved by Kokosing, was the missing link connecting previously constructed portions of Corridor H, US 55, which runs east from Moorefield, West Virginia to the Virginia line and US 33, which runs west from Elkins, West Virginia.

Once completed, Corridor H will connect Strasburg, Virginia to Interstate 79 halfway between Charleston, West Virginia and Morgantown, West Virginia.

This large concrete paving project combines three previous grade and drain projects performed by other contractors. The 4-lane highway was approximately 10.4 miles long, consisting of 665,000 square yards of subgrade preparation and 499,200 square yards of 10″ non-reinforced concrete pavement. This included subgrade preparation and paving of access roads, a wetland overlook area, brake check area, and a truck escape ramp. 55,000 cubic yards free draining base and 138,700 cubic yards were batched by Kokosing’s owned batch plant.

  • Project Owner:
    West Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Location:
    Moorefield, West Virginia
  • Project Value:
  • Delivery Method:
  • Concrete Paving