Marine Cove Point


  • Cove Point LNG Facility in Lusby, Maryland, originally constructed in 1976, implemented a $200 million dollar upgrade over the past 3 years
  • Contract included the deepening of the dual berthing facility and construction of onsite disposal area
  • Construction of 2500 lf  of stone riprap containment dike along the shore line of Chesapeake Bay
  • Shuttling 40,000 tons of Class 1 and Class 2 riprap into shallow water dike
  • Dredging of 170,000 cy to a depth of 44 feet of water one mile offshore
  • All dredge spoil hydraulically  placed within the new stone containment dike on shore at the Cove Point site
  • Installation of 4  stone breaks,  consisting of 1100 lf of stone
  • The area between the existing shoreline and the breakwaters  required the installation of 15,000 cubic yards of imported sand for beach nourishment, which was also hydraulically placed and graded
  • Project started up in May 2010, requiring 10 to 12 hours work shifts, 7 days a week until completion
  • Work completed in the Chesapeake Bay during hurricane and winter seasons
  • Project Owner:
    Dominion Power
  • Location:
    Cove Point, Lusby, Maryland