Transportation CUY/SUM I-271/480

The project consisted of existing roadway removal and widening from 6 lanes to 10 lanes on the south end of the project and 4 lanes to 6 lanes on the north end. Additionally, the project features a major realignment of I-480 and I-271. In the pre-construction configuration, a problematic center merge and combined section caused daily slowdowns. The post-construction configuration eliminated the center merge and created a complete separation between the two interstates, vastly improving the level of service throughout the area. Nine entrance and exit ramps were replaced along with the addition of two new ramps. 600,000-square-yards of 14-inch concrete pavement was replaced on the project which was all self-performed by Kokosing utilizing our own concrete batch plant setup on the project. To accommodate the new widening, the project consisted of the installation of 34,000-lineal-feet of storm sewer drainage ranging from 12-inches to 60-inches, 350,000-lineal-feet of underdrain, 800,000-cubic-yards of earthwork, 630,000 of aggregates, and 7,800-lineal-feet of concrete median wall.

Kokosing also self-performed all structures work on the project including the demolition and replacement of three sets of twin bridges, construction of two bridges on new alignment, 250,000-square-feet of noisewall, and construction of soil nail, CIP, SPL, and temporary retaining walls.

  • Project Name:
    CUY/SUM I-271/480
  • Project Owner:
    Ohio Department of Transportation
  • Project Value:
  • Delivery Method:
  • Capabilities:
    Bridges, Concrete Paving, Noisewall/Retaining Wall
  • Awards:
  • Bridges
  • Concrete Paving
  • Noisewall/Retaining Wall
  • Ohio Concrete – Project of the Year, 2020