Fairfield County US 22 Bridge Replacement

Meeting an aggressive deadline.


This Design-Build project involved the replacement of an existing three-span 512-foot steel truss bridge over Rush Creek and Norfolk Southern Railroad near Lancaster, Ohio.

Construction included removal of the existing truss bridge and construction of a new four-span concrete beam structure. Drilled shaft foundations were utilized with traditional column and cap pier construction. Challenges included coordination with Norfolk-Southern Railroad and a temporary crossing of Rush Creek. Access to the project site was limited to a single existing driveway, which was widened and improved specifically for the project. In order to accommodate correction of an existing sag vertical curve situation, approximately 1,100 feet of full depth asphalt roadway replacement occurred beyond the structure limits.

The project was constructed and completed during an allowable 260 day closure of US 22. To accommodate the aggressive schedule, the designer completed all design work and achieved Released For Construction drawings approximately three months after Notice to Proceed. This allowed Kokosing forces to enact the roadway closure and proceed with bridge demolition during key winter months.

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