Heavy Industrial High-End Coke Facilities Support Steel Industry

Kokosing turned an underwater cornfield into a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in only 15 months


Kokosing provided fast-track Design-Build construction of a new heat recovery coke plant and steam generation facility spanning across an 80-acre greenfield site. The project consisted of 100 coke ovens and five waste Heat Recovery Steam Generators. Additional project components included a flue gas desulphurization system, miles of railroad siding for coal receiving and coke shipping, material handling systems, a cooling tower, condenser and associated piping for supplying steam to a neighboring facility and a substation and associated transmission line. Kokosing Industrial self-performed over 90 percent of the entire project peaking at 600 skilled craftsmen.


In a world where the new demand for steel relies on the production of processed coke – every day counts. Today, this client produces a high-grade metallurgical coke with an efficiency that continues to exceed all expectations.

  • Project Owner:
    Private Industrial Client
  • Location:
    Southern Ohio