I-69 Patoka River Bridge

Crossing the Patoka River.


This $35 million Design-Build bridge project was the last project to be completed before the opening of 67 new miles of I-69 in November 2012. The project involved the construction of twin 4,400-foot long bridges over the Patoka River, while overcoming months of sustained flooding, working in variable rock depths in a seismic zone, and adhering to strict environmental standards.  Access challenges included maintaining stable work roads in a floodplain during one of the wettest years on record.

Kokosing self-performed all substructure and superstructure work, including 59 piers founded on 118 drilled shafts, some over 100-feet long, 18,250 cubic yards of structural concrete, 7.5 million pounds of rebar, and 244 90-inch tall concrete I-beams.

Award Winner: Merit Award – ACEC 2015

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