Kentucky Highway Projects

Building Kentucky’s largest earthwork project.


Kokosing constructed three similar projects in southeast Kentucky totaling over 40 million cubic yards of mass earthwork. That is enough dirt and rock to fill the Ohio Stadium (Horseshoe) nine times or cover the interstate, 24 feet wide by 4 feet deep, from Columbus, Ohio to Orlando, Florida!

Due to their similarity and proximity, Kokosing managed these projects together as one large project. The earthwork included extremely difficult terrain and accessibility challenges with significant drilling and rock blasting.

The major earthwork from two mountains had a combined 20 million cubic yards of excavation, and the vertical difference in one was almost 800 feet. To allow Kokosing’s heavy equipment access to the project site, steep haul roads were used that traveled back and forth down the mountain to the bottom fill area.

Other quantities included 680,000 square yards of pre-splitting, 40,000 cubic yards of Class IV channel lining for ditches, 875 linear feet of cast-in-place box culvert, almost four miles of culvert and storm pipe installation, 790 acres of site clearing, and 4,700 linear feet of concrete median barrier wall and curb.


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