Site/Civil Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool


  • The contract requires the complete demolition and replacement of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, one of the most highly recognizable of American, historic icons
  • Construction of new pool, water treatment facility, pedestrian walkways, and site lighting
  • Abatement of existing asbestos asphalt lining under pool
  • Construction of a new force main sewer line;  replacement of the existing sewer line and storm sewer
  • Construction of new raw water intake and pump station, enabling the National Park Service to supply water from the Tidal Basin rather than the District of Columbia city water system
  • Installation of 18,000 LF of HDPE piping
  • Removal and repair of 586 granite coping stones around the pool; stones will be reset in original locations as part of historic preservation
  • Installation of approximately 2700 timber piles for pool, sidewalk, and retaining wall foundations
  • Construction of new pool deck, requiring installation of approximately 12,000 CY of concrete
  • Installation of new site lighting and a rehabilitation of the historic Elm Walks around the pool
  • Extensive measures required throughout construction to protect historic Elm trees along walkways
  • Replacement of dirt paths with new exposed aggregate pedestrian walkways in the areas immediately adjacent to the pool
  • Maintaining flow of hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site during construction
  • Project Owner:
    US Department of the Interior, National Park Service
  • Location:
    Washington, D.C.