Oil & Natural Gas Line V – 12-Inch Steel Pipeline

IKPS worked with the Client to upgrade a 12-inch vintage pipeline dating back to the 1950s. As infrastructure ages, owners must take the precautionary measures to make certain their infrastructure is safe, not only for their operations, but for the public safety. The project upgrade was designed so that the existing line could undergo inspection with a Pipe Integrity Gage “PIG”. This pipeline covers over 70 miles with multiple upgrades at over 40 different locations on a single fed pipeline. The upgrades included replacement of mainline valve settings, stopple modifications, underslung drip removals, double stopple and bypasses to keep the flow of gas and maintain service to the customers and end users. One year prior to beginning the construction phase, IKPS worked with the client performing verification digs and providing engineering review of the project. Once the system upgrades were completed, IKPS supported the client during the pigging operation. This project allowed IKPS to demonstrate our capabilities and understanding of the DOT/FERC regulations required by the pipeline operators.

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