Marine Little Bay


The Seacoast Reliability Project (SRP) project consists of overhead, underground and a section subaqueous power and fiber optic cables crossing Little Bay, NH.  The 115 kV transmission system is over 12 miles in length and increase the reliability of power to the Boston area.  


Durocher Marine completed the Little Bay SRP subaqueous cable crossing in 2019, a technically challenging project involving an environmentally significant estuary located between Durham and Newington, NH  

The project included several phases: A water jet sled trial ordered by the NHDES, removal of several existing out-of-service subaqueous power cables within the new cable alignment, a pre-lay grapnel run to assure the new cable alignments were clear of old cables and debris and the lay/burial of three (3) new subaqueous power cables and two (2) fiber optic cables.  

The subaqueous route included 2,600’ of near shore tidal flats and crossing a deep navigation channel.  The tides ranged was from +8’ at high tide and -1.2’ at low tide.  The ebb and flow of tides impacted our ability to work, especially on the tidal flats during low tide cycles.  


Between 2016 and 2019, the NH Department of Environmental Services and the NH Site Evaluation Committee imposed stringent environmental conditions on the subaqueous use of a water jet sled for cable burial.  After three years of delays due to the environmental permitting process, field operations for the Little Bay SRP project began in early August 2019. 

During and following construction, numerous monitoring plans, including a comprehensive water quality plan, required intensive coordination and collaboration with the owner, environmental consultants, regulators, engineers, laboratories, and Durocher Marine to ensure negligible water quality or ecological impacts.       


On September 17, 2020, Durocher Marine was awarded the Environmental Business Council of New England Nicholas Humber Award for outstanding collaboration with twelve (12) organizations focused on protecting the environment during project planning, field operations and post-construction.

  • Project Name:
    Little Bay
  • Project Location:
    Little Bay, NH