Marine Mears York River Marine Support


  • Locating position of the offshore platforms utilizing state of the art GPS survey equipment
  • Constructing the platforms in a harsh offshore marine environment
  • Prefabricating portions of the platforms reduced construction time thereby decreasing exposure in the offshore environment
  • Developing extensive spill prevention and emergency response plan for the project
  • Handling of environmentally sensitive products such as diesel fuel and drilling spoils, as well as drilling fluids and admixtures that had to be contained at all times
  • Providing all equipment necessary to perform all of the heavy lifts for the project (many in excess of 85,000 lbs)
  • Constructing the platforms utilizing design-build principles and techniques
  • Providing geotechnical and civil engineering for the platforms through engineers that we have worked with on many projects, both land-based and marine
  • Developing the most cost-efficient design that reduced costs and helped to streamline construction time to allow the project to proceed ahead of schedule
  • Project Owner:
    Dominion Power
  • Location:
    Hayes, Virginia