Site/Civil Occoquan Dam Facilities Upgrade


  • Decommissioned and removed three electrical hydropower generation turbines for the Occoquan Dam Reservoir Facility.
  • Rebuilt the Powerhouse with a Water Control Tower which accommodates two new Motor Control Centers and distributes power throughout the facility.
  • The new 84-ft. tall Water Control Tower controls debris from the reservoir, alleviates flooding, and enables the Authority to withdraw additional water during droughts.
  • Installed three steel bulkheads on the front of the dam to serve as a temporary barrier between 70-ft. high wall of water and Corman crews.
  • Designed three 12-ft. wide dam intake covers up to 22-ft. high to resist up to 90-ft. depths of water pressure.
  • Project Owner:
    Fairfax Water
  • Location:
    Occoquan, VA