Oil & Natural Gas Open-Cut Stream Crossing

In pipeline construction sometimes the greatest challenges are placed by Mother Nature, everything from steep slopes to bodies of water. Each one requires its own unique approach. Our team members look at each of these challenges as an opportunity to tackle something new or improve on something old. IKPS has completed hundreds of river and wetland crossings some more challenging than others. In 2017, IKPS completed a 180-lineal-foot-wide, open-cut stream crossing installing three parallel gas lines, two, 16-inch creek sections and one, 24-inch creek section. Along with the complex configuration of the pipe crossing and working around an active gas line, IKPS also faced limited access from the existing railroad track on one side of the river and a 1,000 lineal foot winch hill on the other. With a lot of planning, coordinating with the customer’s project team and creative thinking, the project was a success.

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