Heavy Industrial Plant Grows More Efficient In Bulk Material Handling

Kokosing Industrial delivered a new FGD coal handing system.


Kokosing’s Design-Build team provided turn-key solutions for a coal handling power plant project in Indianapolis. Main work components included foundations, structural, mechanical, electrical/control system, process piping, fire protection, and dust collection. Kokosing assembled and erected conveyors, various towers, hoppers, and tunnels. The material handling system was installed in an operating plant, which required three, well-planned and executed plant shutdowns. One of the shutdown milestones included the construction of a 22-foot-deep x 300-foot x 16-foot cast-in-place tunnel with three draw-down hoppers, a 305-foot x 7-foot escape tunnel, transfer towers, and over 1,000 feet of 42-inch wide belt conveyor. Early completion of the project was critical to the client, so incentives for early completion were included in Kokosing’s contract.


Prior to this project, the client only had the capability to unload and stockpile low-sulfur coal and reclaim it back to its plant. The project owner wanted to be able to stockpile and reclaim – through a series of conveyors – both high-and low-sulfur coal which helped them become more efficient with the process. Kokosing’s Design-Build capabilities and vast experience with similar material handling projects benefited the client greatly. Kokosing turned the project over nine days ahead of schedule and received the maximum incentive amount.

  • Location:
    Indianapolis, IN
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