The Kokosing team worked to upgrade the plant’s existing raw water intake system and low-head dam. The intake improvements focused on the facility’s debris removal and flow-control systems. The selected alternative included design of a new bar rack and rake to allow automatic cleaning of the bar rack and improved debris handling. A new retaining wall structure also was included in the project and is integrated with the rake. The retaining wall improves the stability of the river bank adjacent to the intake. Utilizing divers, Kokosing installed new water intake screens to work in conjunction with the new gripper rake mechanical cleaning system.


The result is an intake system that virtually eliminates the need for plant personnel to have to remove river debris from the screens. Along with modifying the new sluice gate stems, guides and electric actuators, Kokosing constructed a massive concrete retaining wall to facilitate the mounting of the gripper rake system’s monorail and supports. Kokosing also installed a new leaf chute to remove debris from the traveling water screens.

The low-head dam portion of the project required an evaluation of the the stability of the low-head dam in the Scioto River, which provides the pool for the intake structure. The Kokosing team recommended significant improvements for the dam. Kokosing then constructed and poured a concrete overlay, which included 1,500 cubic yards of concrete, 350,000 pounds of permanent sheet piling and more than 70 cubic yards of injected grout for stabilization of the dam’s foundation.

  • Project Owner:
    City of Columbus
  • Location:
    Columbus, Ohio
  • Project Value