Opened the new and safer highway eight months ahead of schedule.


This project was the last link of the US Route 35 corridor project between Chillicothe and Richmond Dale, Ohio. Serving as the principal east-west route in southern Ohio, the Route 35 corridor is a valuable link between Dayton and Gallipolis and linking the State to points beyond. It is heavily traveled by over-the-road truckers, commuters, commercial, and passenger vehicles.

With a total cost of $50 million, the project’s complexity and the sheer volume of work required excellence in preplanning and project management. The new highway, approximately 10-miles in length, proceeds through some of the roughest terrains in southern Ohio. Over 4.5-million-cubic-yards of earth was moved to complete the project grading. New interchanges and side roads were constructed on each end with 11-inch concrete pavement (14,000-cubic-yards). Construction also included sixteen new bridge structures along with 64-miles of underdrain.

On a project this large, the challenges encountered were correspondingly large. Because of the rough terrain, access was limited to small county roads near the middle of the project and one on each end of the project. Kokosing also had to endure the second wettest year on record at the time.

Kokosing was able to meet the Owner’s needs and opened the new and safer highway, eight months ahead of the schedule to the more than 15,000 vehicles that travel US 35 each day.