Kokosing, Inc. Announces Award for Workforce Development


Westerville, Ohio (November 1, 2017) – Kokosing, Inc. is pleased to accept the Workforce Development Innovation Award from the Ohio Economic Development Association (OEDA).

Kokosing was presented with the runner-up award during OEDA’s Annual Excellence Awards at its 2017 Annual Summit held at the Columbus Renaissance Downtown on October 19.

The Annual Excellence Awards program recognizes the achievements of individuals and organizations in the areas of economic and workforce development throughout Ohio. More specifically, OEDA looks for unique approaches to any aspect of workforce development and recognizes innovative practices and programs. Kokosing’s strategy aims to provide direction, guidance and motivation for today’s workforce.

Skilled labor shortage is a very real challenge in the construction industry. According to a report issued by Autodesk and the Associated General Contractors Association of America, 70% of contractors have a hard time finding qualified craft workers to hire amid growing construction demand. Kokosing is taking proactive steps to build Ohio’s future construction workforce through education, exposure and experience.

Kokosing workforce development team members work with a wide array of groups from school boards and superintendents to veterans’ organizations and church groups to ensure the future workforce is aware of all options and opportunities available in the industry.

The team also places a special emphasis on getting involved early in the education process, and continuing students’ interest as they grow and gain insight. Several of Kokosing facilities offer various valuable experiences, from introductory tours to four-year apprenticeships.