Power & Energy Integrity Management

IKPS has extensive experience performing hydrostatic testing as a way of verifying the structural integrity of our client’s in-service pipeline systems. We understand how important it is that our clients ensure their pipelines are performing at optimal operating conditions without compromising safety and the environment.

We can perform hydrostatic tests on our client’s pipeline systems to ensure they have no leaks and are operating at maximum capacity over the desired lifetime of the pipeline.

We perform integrity testing on the following types of pipelines:

  • Steel
  • HDPE

We have experience performing integrity testing on the following pipeline systems:

  • Natural Gas Pipeline
  • Waterline

Our Pipeline Integrity Hydrostatic Testing Process typically include by not limited to the following:

  • Pre-Pressure Test Preparation
  • Test Header Installation
  • Perform Pressure Test
  • Post Pressure Test
  • Material Handling & Logistics
  • Sediment & Erosion Control Measures
  • Backfill & Site Restoration
  • Water Management for Excavation Activities

Through pipeline integrity testing, we strive to prevent a problem from occurring, and we work with our clients to find the best solution for hydrostatic testing of their pipelines.

  • Verification Digs
  • Hydrostatic Testing on In-Service Pipelines
  • Anomaly Investigation and Rehabilitation
  • Launcher and Receiver Station Installation
  • Weld-Over Sleeves