WASTEWATER Existing Facility Rehabilitation

A community’s ability to rehabilitate or expand its wastewater treatment plant directly impacts multifamily and single-family developments, schools and hospitals, and manufacturing facilities.

  • If your community’s population is static and there is no need for expansion, you must still consider the expected life for concrete structures is 50-100 years. For most mechanical equipment, it is approximately 25 years – and given the speed of technology – it can often be less.
  • If your community is experiencing growth – whether in residential population and/or new manufacturing and industrial users locating to your service area – you must develop a plan to increase capacity while meeting NPDES permit limits.

In either case, the risk of working within an existing facility, while keeping processes online and meeting permitting regulations, is a real and important consideration. With a 50+ year history in wastewater treatment construction, Kokosing can rehabilitate, retrofit or expand your facility, while working side-by-side with your team to restart the clock on one of your biggest assets, while keeping you online and NPDES compliant.