Heavy Industrial General Contracting


Your design is complete. Now you need someone to build it. But not just anyone, you want a General Contractor who knows the work, who can self-perform the major elements and administer subcontracts for minor elements. Mostly, you want someone who will take responsibility for the project schedule and budget.

In a world where the industry is continuously buzzing about the hottest alternative delivery method, General Contracting is the old school workhorse that delivers more projects on time and on budget. The reason is General Contracting puts responsibility for delivery and capability to deliver in a single contract. The company you rely on to get the job done is the company whose name is on the contract.

Kokosing’s roots are in self-performing heavy civil, concrete, buried utility, and equipment setting, meaning we know the work. Understanding the people and equipment resource demands, the mobilization challenges, the hidden risks and buried costs enables us to structure and manage the subcontracting team to your advantage. Our managers align scopes of work, eliminating both gaps and overlaps, while properly allocating risks to those who create and/or control the risks. The earlier we can come aboard your project, the more we can work with your designers to increase constructability and efficiencies, design out costly construction risks, and drive your cost down to the lowest responsible point.

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General Contracting Projects