Marine Rerouting Power through San Francisco

Subsea installation of three 230kV transmission and fiber optic cables between the Potrero and Substations in San Francisco, CA. The 1,000-ton turntable was utilized to install the 3 cables furnished in individual tubs weighing 320 tons. Cables were installed and buried one at a time.

The lay barge winched the 5 13/16” diameter power and fiber optic cable to the Potrero Substation shore through a pre-installed pipe conduit then simultaneously laid and buried to a depth of between 6 and 10 feet by the water jet plow. At the second end, 2100 linear feet of cable was floated on air bags and winched to shore through a pipe conduit to the Embarcadero Substation. This process, started at the Embarcadero Substation and finished at the Potrero Substation, was then repeated two more times.

  • Project Name:
    Rerouting Power through San Francisco