City of Columbus-Resurfacing Projects (2016)

Improving the rideability and smoothness for cars and bicyclists.


This project consisted of 170 streets in various neighborhoods within Columbus city limits. As a result of Kokosing’s notable workmanship, Bowen Road was selected among them for its outstanding quality and received a 2016 National Asphalt Pavement Association Quality in Construction award.

Bowen Road consisted of linear grading, 940 tons of 6” pavement repair, 20,500 square yards of pavement plaining and 1,670 tons of 1.5” asphalt surface course. The asphalt mix used was a City of Columbus specified 448 asphalt surface course, PG64-22. Resurfacing of this roadway was a high priority for the City of Columbus due to it being a part of the route for the 2016 Pelotonia annual bike tour event. In order to ensure completion prior to the event, Kokosing expedited Bowen Road to the front of the project schedule. Despite the schedule changes, Kokosing’s detail-oriented staff was able to provide an aesthetic compliment to the City of Columbus while resolving any corrective roadway issues and significantly improving the rideability and smoothness for cars and bicyclists.


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