Transportation Harper's Ferry


  • Construction of two-lane, eight-span (elevated 60’), 432-meter (1440’) long bridge
  • Heavily traveled US 340 corridor serving commercial, commuter, and recreational traffic, as well as Appalachian Trail hikers
  • Environmental management a paramount concern
  • Environmental response plan in place for the project’s duration
  • Project completed with no environmental accidents – recreational activities safely maintained throughout project
  • Superstructure included two super-elevated curves
  • Substructure included seven piers founded on 3.7 meter diameter caissons drilled to nine meters in competent rock
  • Abutments encompassed 960 square meters of architecturally-finished reinforced earth retaining walls
  • 7 pier superstructure consisted of 3,000 cubic meters of concrete
  • 23,500 cubic meter rock embankment construction, as well as rock causeway to gain access to three river pier locations
  • Biodegradable operating fluids used in lieu of hydraulic fluid for all equipment traveling on the causeway or near the river edge
  • Upon completion and opening of the new structure, existing bridge demolition accomplished using controlled explosives
  • Project Owner:
    West Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Location:
    US 340 over the Shenandoah River and CSX in Harpers Ferry National Historic Park