Ohio Turnpike Projects

Reconstructing the Ohio Turnpike.


For anyone traveling across the northern tier of the state, the Ohio Turnpike is the easiest, safest, most efficient route from Pennsylvania to Indiana and all points in between. This 241-mile east-west artery receives its high marks in part because of the high construction standards, strict environment, and dedication to the patrons who rely on the roadway to move goods, services, and families. Kokosing Construction is proud to be a part of this level of service as the largest contractor on the toll road for the last 7 years and counting.

Kokosing was awarded the first pavement reconstruction project ever on the Ohio Turnpike. The amount of construction work Kokosing has built thus far is a tribute to the outstanding commitment to planning, meeting the Commission’s requirements, and continually extending the team’s goals for success.  

As Kokosing progresses across the 241-mile toll road, our teams embrace the challenges each project presents with planning and innovation to make all of the turnpike construction a huge success.

Project highlights:

  • Over 132 interstate miles reconstructed
  • 10 miles of new third lane
  • 16 new bridges
  • 64 structures rehabbed
  • 8 overhead bridges redecked
  • 7 mainline decks overlayed
  • 8 overhead approach embankments reconstructed
  • 1 new interchange

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