Transportation Route 1 Tie-In To Woodrow Wilson Bridge Urban Deck


  • Phased re-construction and widening of .5 mile of heavily traveled I-495 Washington Capital Beltway—Route 1 interchange to west bridge abutment
  • Located in close proximity to a historic Civil War Era site, Freedmen’s Cemeteries and Jones Point Trail, with stringent environmental constraints in place to minimize vibration and sound and monitor air-quality
  • All structures founded on 30” pipe, 24” concrete, or 18” concrete piling due to poor ground conditions
  • 40,000 CY of Low Density Cementitous Fill (LDCF) extends 200’ to the west on the approach to the abutment; depth range is 30’ – 2’ due to poor soil
  • South Washington Street Urban Deck Bridge composed of three separate bridges built side by side, in distinctive hour-glass design
  • Total width: 280’, total length: 335’
  • Demolition of office and apartment buildings
  • Construction of 9 parking lots
  • Relocation of water main, sewer lines and electrical facilities
  • Sewer upgrades include .5 mile of 42” micro-tunnel and 300’ of 30” micro-tunnel
  • Two wetland mitigation sites
  • 140,000 CY of excavation; construction of noise walls and retaining wall
  • Placement of 28,000 CY architecturally finished structural concrete including hour-glass shaped urban deck bridge
  • Special Note: Corman innovation to the bridge — the “Virginia Advance Connector” — shifting the capital beltway to allow construction to commence on the north half of the bridge nine months earlier than scheduled, as well as making it independent of the other Woodrow Wilson Bridge projects
  • Project Owner:
    Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Location:
    Alexandria, Virginia
  • 2008 American Association of State Highway & Transportation (AASHTO) Award Grand Prize (entire Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project)
  • 2008 OPAL ASCE Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award Finalist (entire Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project)
  • 2008 VDOT’s Commitment to Excellence Award for Environmental Compliance Distinction
  • 2007 American Segmental Bridge Institute Bridge Award of Excellence (entire Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project)
  • 2006 VDOT Commissioner’s Award for Outstanding Achievement for the “Beltway Shift”—Innovation and Quality Improvement