Transportation New Bridges

Kokosing is a premier bridge contractor with expertise ranging from single-span conventional structures to the most technically challenging bridges. Our experience includes steel beam and girder, concrete beam, concrete slab, cast-in-place segmental, inclined steel arch, post-tensioned and suspension structures. Kokosing has constructed Ohio’s tallest bridge, multiple slide-in structures, and numerous bridges over significant waterways.

Our workforce has the expertise and equipment to self-perform all major structure aspects including excavation, cofferdams, piling, cast-in-place and precast concrete, beam erection, shear stud welding and slip forming parapets, as well as the construction of mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) and other retaining wall types. Our in-house team specializes in designing cofferdams, demolition and erection procedures, testing for QC/QA concrete, mass concrete, post-tensioning and other procedures; and can assist on erection stability and differential deflection issues in bridge superstructures.